O people, eat from what is on the earth as good and lawful. Holy Quran (2:168)
Office # 24, 1st Floor, Top City Plaza, Haripur, KPK.

Vision Mission & History

Halal Assessment & Certification Institute Pvt. LTD. (HACI) is a Pakistan based organization that struggle to make sure the availability of Halal products to Muslim consumers through awareness, training’s and evidence based verification. Our head office is in Rawalpindi (Punjab), Pakistan, whereas our sub-office is at Office # 24, 1st Floor, Top City Plaza, Haripur, KPK that maintains our activities all over Pakistan. Mainly our team is located in all major cities that includes (but not limited to), Abbottabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar etc.

HACI deals in Food Safety and Halal Trainings, Assessment & Certification for various processes and installations for all categories of consumer goods that includes following:

  • Processed and un-processed food.
  • Drinks (We don’t deal with beer, wine or similar products even if it is claimed to be non-alcholic)
  • Feed.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Cosmetics
  • Packaging materials.
  • Sanitation chemicals.

Our Vision

A world with safe, sustainable and Halal Tayib assuesured conusemables for all.

Our Mission

Consumer satisfaction and quality assurance in hospitality sector as per national standards.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Consumer satisfaction and facilitation throughout hospitality sector
  • Supporting food and hospitality sector through trainings, certifications and connecting (Physically and digitally) them with right stakeholder (regulator body, consumer etc.)
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Training and certification of individuals and industry for Pakistan standards regarding Halal industry (Food, hospitality and tourism)

Our Strategy

  • Assure safe and Halal food as per Islamic laws as a duty to Muslim society.
  • Make sure the Halal logo represents the best Halal assurance and consumer trust.
  • Make consumers aware about Food Safety, Halal, Tayib and role of Halal Certification in it.

Our History

A group of Pakistani scientists as volunteers established Halal Assessment & Certification Institute Pvt.Ltd (HACI) in 2010 at Pakistan, during series of meetings and a long term planning during their stay inThe Netherlands. The fact that Halal awareness among Muslim consumers in Pakistan is not assignificant as those in American, European and Asian countries (such as Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia orIndonesia) has resulted on the decision that there must be an organization in Pakistan for awareness /promotion of Food Safety and Halal Tayib in Pakistan.

Being inspired by International well known certification organizations, HACI was founded in 2010 withhaving a collaboration of scientists and Islamic institutions ( e.g. Tayyab-al-Uloom Educational Complex; Jamia Islamia Rehmania) at start, while extending this collaboration with a number of Universities in Pakistan at present.A part from the above-mentioned institutes, certain International Halal certification bodies also gavesupporting hand to HACI that includes Halal Feed & Food Inspection Authority (HFFIA), based in The Netherlands.

HACI has a good understanding of International Halal certification, so we recognize and accept Halal certification from certain International Halal Certifiers (only), who fulfill International Halal standards. HACI is an independent institute and not a subsidiary of any national or international organization. The scope of this institution is embracing Halal auditing and certification, Halal training for the company as well as Halal education for Muslim society.