O people, eat from what is on the earth as good and lawful. Holy Quran (2:168)
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The first target is the food handlers, whereas this course is also important for academicians,students, R&D professionals, industrial workers, production supervisors, bakers, and cooks, with no education and previous experience requirement.



This course covers the basic food safety & hygiene understanding and the related legal requirements before start of handling food.
✓ Basic concepts of personal and food hygiene
✓ Cleaning and disinfection
✓ Food related Hazards & their controls
✓ Food pests and pest control
✓ Waste Management
✓ Safe handling and the storage of food
✓ Food Poisoning and its control
✓ Halal and associated concepts

LIST of Training and contents

Food Safety Level – 1(2 days)
Food Safety Level – 2 (2 days)
Food Safety Level – 3 (3 days)
Food Safety Level – 4 (4 days)
Food Safety Control (2 days)
Pest Control (1 days)
Halal Assurance (1 days)
Halal Verification (3 days)

Food Safety Introduction to Food Safety & Hygiene
Basic Level
• Introduction to Food safety
• Food Hazards & their Controls
• Personal & Food Hygiene
• Cleaning and disinfection
• Food pests and pest control
• Waste Management
• Safe handling and the storage of food
• Food Poisoning and its control

• Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing
• Award in Food Safety for Retail
• Award in Food Safety in Catering
• Award in HACCP for Catering
• Award in HACCP for Manufacturing

Advanced Specialized
• Award in Food Safety Supervision for Manufacturing
• Award in Food Safety Supervision for Retail
• Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering

• Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering
• Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing
• Award in Supervising HACCP for Catering

• Training on Food Pest Control
• Pest Control in Industry

• Basics of Halal Quality Assurance

• Halal Regulations
• Halal ingredient assessment
• Halal Lead Auditing

Training methodology

Depending on the training module, training methodology will include; In house lectures, multimedia presentations, interactive discussions and activities, case studies and visits.


The trainer pool

HACI trainers include international qualified and experienced personals from diverse areas of educational background including food technologists, biotechnologists, microbiologists, biochemists etc. with mostly having PhD and MPhil degrees. This pool of trainers is headed by master certified/experienced trainers from UK, The Netherlands and Indonesia in the areas of Food Safety and Halal, respectively. HACI master trainers are honored by giving invited lectures at various national forums (including COMSATS, Nuclear Institute for Food & Agriculture (NIFA), Kohat University of Science & Technology (KUST), University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi, The University of Haripur, Bahudin Zakaria University, Multan, University of Management Technology, Lahore, and others) and international forums in The Netherlands, UAE, China and USA.


Training Package

• Qualified resource person(s) for trainings
• Booklet and course contents
• Noting material (Note pad / file cover with sheets and ballpoint)
• Training certificate on successful completion of every training module
• Dual verifiable certificate i.e. offline verification (primary verification) and online verification (secondary verification)
• Dedicated serial number
• Record keeping (hard & soft) for each training certificate
• Online training registration portal on HACI website
• Offline registration for trainings through HACI office..
• Telephonic communication to enrolled personal regarding their course schedule.
• One Tea and one meal during the training hours/day.
• Arrangement of venue