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Appeal for donations

The wave of floods triggered by monsoon rains in Pakistan, espacially in Khyber -Pakhtoonkhwa region, is now said to have killed more than 1600 people. Many are still missing. A million people have been affected in the inundated areas. A state of emergency was declared after more rain fall in 36-hour period than had been recorded in decades. There is very bad condition, people (including old, women, childern etc.) sitting on roofs of their houses, having no food and need to be transported to other places. Due to this situation a disease outbreak is also expected.

Halal Assessment & Certification Institute appeal to everybody to come forward and help the people by participating in relief works, either in person or by donations.

We appriciate the work of Akhuwat-e-Sarhad alongwith some other relief agencies in the region and so would like to appeal to help the said organization by donations.

P.S. Akhuwat-e-Sarhad is an NGO working on non-profit bases and voluenteers does not claim any service charges and work free of cost (fi-sabilillah).

For updates: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pakistan-Flood-Relief-Effort-2010/114845251901302

Here below please find the account details:

For Local Donors                                                      International Donors

Akhuwat-e-Sarhad                                                    Akhuwat-e-Sarhad

Account number: 1353-8                                          Account number: 03210120013538
Account title: Akhuwat e Sarhad                               Account title: Akhuwat admn
ABL, University town branch,                                     Swift code: ABPAPKKA
Peshawar, Branch code: 0321                                     ABL, University town branch, Peshawar 
                                                                                   Branch code: 0321           

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